Tania Hurt-Newton illustration & design



I discovered drawing at the same time as I discovered I needed glasses! At ten years old I thought everyone saw the world as a blur. Overnight my world changed! I could see the telegraph wires and the grass I walked on (which was usefull going about bare-foot on a farm in Kenya). I started drawing my new world and have loved it ever since. I only did subjects at school that required colouring in maps, making diagrams ~ mostly any subject you could make look 'good'. After school (ages and ages ago now) I did a B.A.(HONS) Graphic design and illustration at Camberwell College of Arts 1991. Since then I have worked in publishing, design and packaging and love it all! My work in illustrating for packaging led me to computers. Now the majority of my work is digital but I can just as easily revert to using a brush and pen. I live in Camberwell, London and I have two girls who are endlessly 'helpful' in my career.

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